Become an avatar yourself

Exercise in the FIVA metaverse,

where your motions are

mirrored by adorable avatars.

Embrace the thrill of working out together,

while being your joyful virtual self!

Workout at home,

together in the metaverse


동작인식 아바타로


Avatar that mirrors you


In FIVA, you are represented

by avatars instead of your

actual appearance,

so you can exercise with comfort!

In FIVA, you are represented

by avatars instead of your

actual appearance,

so you can exercise with comfort!



Various programs

From classic strength training to

invigorating fitness dance,

graceful ballet fit, and balance

exercises, our team of expert

trainers has you covered.


No need for cumbersome gears

and setups ; launch the app

and you're done!

With just your



Joyful conversations

through voice chat

Stay motivated with the power of

mutual support!

What is FIVA?

It's a revolutionary metaverse home workout

app, where you exercise with people using

motion-captured avatars.

In FIVA, you don't need to worry

about your appearance nor your outfit.

Just focus on moving joyfully and freely!

FIVA and our community will be there

to help you reach your goals.

Goose Labs Inc.

CEO Seo Hee Lee I Biz Registration No. 269-86-02445

Maeheon-ro 16, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

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"I'm not the type to work out regularly, but when I tried FIVA home workouts, it was surprisingly fun and not a hassle at all."


"The avatars moving around are adorable, and I love how I can interact with others without showing my real self. Plus, the workout videos they provide are top-notch!"


"Honestly, I never thought home workouts could be enjoyable until I tried FIVA. It's seriously so much fun."


"I used to give up on home workouts after a few days, but FIVA changed that. No need to go out, no pressure, and doing it with others who share their struggles made it such a refreshing experience!"

Feedback from

FIVA users

Fun and Carefree Workouts with FIVA

Join us now!

Break free from the

mundane home workouts.

With FIVA, immerse yourself

in a supportive community

without being judged on your looks.

Embrace the joy of exercising together

and unlock your true potential with us.